Company Information


The design of our Company badge has the message. 
"S" designed in white colour is being in the center
positon of the circle binding both sides of 
"SEA designed in navy blue colour, and
 "LAND" designed in orange colour.   
"S" means, of course, "SHIN-EI" GUMI group itself.
SHIN-EI GUMI started in the early of "Taisho-era"
(Period of 1912-1926) after a various organization change.
Our business started from the RAW WOOD Cargo handling
that is the famous local products in Wakayama.
Beyond the ages and area, We want be the service provider
of International Total Logistics that supporting the cargoes
transportation from the local to the world and from the world
to the local beyond the Sea and the Land.
The badge design has such a message.