Land  Transportation

Offering you a budget cost transportation service combination of  " Land / Sea / Air " transportation modes in eco ways.

Offering a high quality & cost-performanced international/domestic multi-modal through transportation service such as cargo pick-up, delivery, container drayage, export packing, unpacking, international transportation, one stop door/door service and other relative services.
Presentation of our solution against your facing issue is also one of our services.
Handling cargoes are general goods, consumer goods, textile/apparel products, bulk cargoes, steel products, machineries/parts, constructions equipments, food products, healthcare products, chemical products (incl. dangerous cargoes), heavy cargoes, special products and etc.

Transportation mode :
Land (Container drayage, Consolidation truck, Chartered truck, Speical truck/trailer)
Sea (LCL, FCL, Bulk, Chartered), International / Domestic.
Air International / Domestic.