Customs  Clearance

The customs clearance at the port is regarded as one of the barrier elements for cargoes moving smoothly in the International transportation in time-wise. cargoes moving smoothly in the International transportation in time-wise. contemporary business scene.  Our experts support the customs clearance with an adequate advice.

Licensed customs brokers in Wakayama head quarter, Tokyo/Osaka branch, and Kobe Office and also experienced sub-contracted customs brokers in the customs ports attend the customs formalities via NACCS System (Official Computer-system customs clearance) and, also attend to the plant/animal quarantine, food, healthcare/pharmaceutical products formalities and other formalities to the relative government authorities.
They have expert knowledge, experiences, and know-how about the customs clearance of general cargoes, consumer goods, textile/apparel products, food products, healthcare products, steel products, machineries/parts, construction equipments, used vehicles, chemical products, lubricant oils, and etc.

Licensed customs broker at:

Wakayama Port, Tokyo Port, Kobe Port, Osaka Port.
Acceptable at other customs port via sub-contractors.

Providing services meeting various needs

As an expert of customs clearance with a wealth of know-how and experience, we offer our valuable customers a variety of services with due consideration for the Diversification of international trade and complexity of customs clearance.

(Consultation about applying the preferential tariff system)

We offer sound advice to choose the optimal operation method for General preferential tariff system, various FTA, EPA, and the TPP, ensuring consistency with the rules of origin and the mode of transportation.

We also provide an advice for appropriate raw material supply corresponding to the rules of origin.

(Support to cope with transfer pricing matter)

Customer might be asked to file an amended return form or make a reassessment claims for reduction to Japanese customs because of the price changes caused by the transfer pricing policy.

Our experienced staff provide consulting service to cope with the transfer pricing matter.

(Customer support in case of the customs post audit)

Our registered custom specialists are highly experienced in providing consistent support with attention to detail in case of the customs post audit.

In the Customs Business Act, customs brokers are authorized to negotiate with the customs officials, claim or make a statement on behalf of the clients in the audit.

(Advisory service on importing and exporting business)

From the professional's view of international multimodal transport and custom clearance, we offer you advice on how to optimize your trade business flow to tide over increasingly diverse and complex international trading business environment.

(Training service)

We offer you to visit your company as a lecturer to conduct a training workshop for custom clearance operations, related laws and regulations.

Our effective and satisfying workshop contribute to the optimization of your trade business and improvement of compliance.

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Business Development Department